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Polansky Gallery


The progressive Polansky Gallery represents Czech and international artists of both the young and older generations. Within the March project, they will cooperate with the Berlin Exile Gallery. The curators Marlies Wirth and (MAK Vienna) and Christian Siekmeier will prepare a group exhibition called Dead End Galaxies which will consist of two parts: the first one will stay in Berlin, the second one will be in Prague and the communication between them clearly shows that they can be seen as a single exhibition.

The artists introduced in the Prague part are: Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Erik Niedling, Jura Shust, Pakui Hardware, Patrick Panetta, Paul Sochacki, Sarah Pichlkostner, and Sarah Schönfeld.


Veletržní 841/45

170 00 Praha 7





hunt kastner


hunt kastner gallery was founded in 2006 and presents a consistently strong programme of young Czech as well as international artists. Recently, the gallery has also been exhibiting artists of the older generation whose works received little attention in the 1960s–1980s, even though they were the front figures of the art scene and remain influential until today.

In cooperation with Arratia Beer, hunt kastner has prepared a presentation of 3 artists of the Berlin gallery: Holly Hendry, Anna Virnich and Pablo Rasgado. In their work, they focus on materiality and examine the limitations of the gallery space.



Bořivojova 85

130 00 Žižkov





The Foundation and Centre for Contemporary Arts Prague


The Foundation and Centre for Contemporary Arts Prague (Nadace a centrum pro současné umění Praha) has been promoting the works of young artists since 1992 and their aim is to present them in the international context. They emphasise the social role of art as an element which is essential for harmonious functioning of the society.

In March they will join forces with Der Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, which is a gallery with the largest art video collection in Germany. The curator Silke Wittig will present a selection of video artworks by artists such as Nam June Paik, Anna Daučíková, and Hito Steyerl.



Dukelských Hrdinů 500/25A

170 00 Praha 7





Drdova Gallery


Lucie Drdova Gallery was established in 2012 and its primary mission is to promote local young and middle-aged artists in the international environment. As for the programme of the gallery, the most attention is paid to conceptual positions of contemporary art.

For the March project, Lucie Drdova Gallery invited the Berlin-based Thomas Fischer Gallery which represents a similar interest and whose portfolio includes international artists who like to work with various types of media: most of them combine photography, video and objects. Together, they will present a solo exhibition of Sebastian Stumpf, a young German artist who balances between performance and video art.


Křížkovského 1288/10

130 00 Praha 3





Berlinskej Model


The community space of the Berlin Model gallery (Berlínskej model) focuses on the youngest generation of artists and their promotion on the international level, particularly in Germany.

In March they will host the Kreuzberg Pavillon platform the program of which does not differentiate between professional and amateur artists.







Pplk. Sochora 1387/9

170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice